Let me show you my Lisbon.

Are you fed up with the typical tourist visits? Do you want to get in touch with the real vibes of Lisbon? Are you curious about those citizens who make their city bloom, in their own particular way? Are you ready to learn about the rich history of this marvellous city by tasting the local cuisine? And finally: are you eager to feel how Lisbon is currently changing?

If yes, I might be your ideal travel companion. I’ve travelled a lot before settling down in Lisbon, and i have explored Lisbon & Portugal extensively the past years. (By the way, the result of my explorations were published in a book called ‘To Die for Portugal’.) As a historian I’m interested in the big picture. As a journalist I’ve has always written about people. Let me show you my Lisbon!

“Tourist hotspots and historic city centres are the non-neglibible background on LISBONEYE trips, but they are never a subject as such. There are other guides for that. I focus on the living city and on living people.”

My Services

Available in English, French, Portuguese and Dutch

Your Personal Travel Companion

Discover Lisbon differently. Experience the city like a local.

Hire me as your personal travel companion. Ideal for those traveling alone for business or pleasure, but also for (small) groups or couples, as well as colleagues and (small) companies. Interested? Send a mail with your wishes and questions, and I’ll let you know what the possibilities are of a tailor-made visit to Lisbon.

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Lisbon then and now

Lisbon, City of many faces. From Fado to start-ups.

In half a day I take you to the Lisbon soul, through its history, cuisine, design, habits, viewpoints, azulejos, literature, religion, architecture, and most of all: through its inhabitants. Yes: our lead are stories of people living in the city. History is written on their faces.

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Lisbon Urban Art parcours

Lisbon through its walls. The city as a canvas

Lisbon is a true urban art capital, where artists from all over the world leave their marks in public space. Their work is spread all over the city, far beyond the tourist epicentre. I’ll take you there, to discover mesmerising urban art as well as spots where tourists usually don’t go.

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Outside Lisbon in 3 Days

Beyond Lisbon. 3 days of Portuguese countryside living.

The Alentejo is a beautiful yet poor region close to Lisbon just across the river Tejo. Let’s go on a journey to discover the rhythm of the Alentejo, its stunning landscapes, its beautiful people and its new destiny as the perfect setting for art residencies and permaculture projects. Our lead are people, we’ll visit them at the places where they live, work, enjoy life.


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Lisbon Crafts Tour

Age-old Portuguese crafts are alive and kicking, let’s discover them!

An inspiring stroll through the city, exploring Portuguese crafts revived by young makers. This walking tour blends traditional and contemporary craftsmanship, immersing you in culture, tradition, and design.

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Quinta do Mocho Walk

From a no-go zone to an open-air museum, Quinta do Mocho radiates hope and resilience!

Once plagued by drugs, domestic violence, poverty, and gang wars, this neighbourhood now thrives with residents who cherish their community and enjoy a joyful life. A pivotal catalyst for this transformation? Urban art! We visit this lively African neighbourhood near the airport to feel its vibes and see its abundant artwork.

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Super Woman Tour

Discover Lisbon through its women! Gain a fresh and vibrant perspective on Lisbon and its female inhabitants as they step out of the shadows.

Portugal has been home to inspiring women throughout its history – queens, rebels, convent sisters, intellectuals, fish vendors, fado-singers… This walking tour delves into their lives and contributions, bringing you to surprising and lesser-known spots in the city!

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